In life we will endure many trials. Often the ones that have the most profound impact on us are those that change us forever. While going through the loss of our son, I found hope in Romans 8:28. It is a promise from God.

What has helped us the most has been seeking and seeing God work good from our loss. I say seeking because you have to look for it, especially when you can't see past your sufferings. He removed the anger that had taken up residency in my heart, and replaced it with Hope. He has revealed His goodness to me and restored my faith. He has given me a purpose.

It is my prayer that others will see Hope in our story and the story of others that are yet to come. Hope is what we all look for during our trials. We simply need something to hold on to. Be joyful in the promise that even in the hardest of times, the darkest of days, you can expect to see His goodness in ALL things.

Thank you for visiting Trials and Testimonies. No matter the trial you are facing, may you feel God's love, experience His healing, and leave here with a sense of hope.

                              A Romans 8:28 Story  
                              video by Jeff Mitchell

Consider trials pure joy? Surely, this does not apply to a parent who has suffered the loss of a child.  That does not resonate with me. That makes no sense at all. It is absurd to say the least. 

Our trial does not fit into this category. Or does it?      

This verse was shared with me just a few short weeks after the tragic loss of our 17 year old son. It was from a mother who had just 2 years prior, suffered the loss of her 19 year old son.

All things work together for good?  This, again, did not fit our trial. There is no way good can come from our tragedy. Or can it?

These verses did not make sense to me, early in my grief, but they stuck. I have come across them so often, since that day, that I have come to believe it must be of some relevance for our life. 

As time has passed I have come to this conclusion. "I am certain God is speaking to us through James 1:2-4 and Romans 8:28. I am certain He is using these two very profound verses to reveal His ways." 

Can we consider our trials pure joy and can God work all things together for good? I believe so.

My heart was not prepared for what I was reading. My spirit was so sick that I could not absorb what God is actually saying in these passages. I was reading... be joyful that He took your child and it's a good thing He took your child, but that is not at all what He is stating.

Truth is, He will strengthen us in our trials. He will give us a fresh faith, a stronger more solid faith, through our trials.  We will learn invaluable lessons from our trials... then we can be joyful.

He will work a good in us and through us. He will show us how to dissect and understand His word, so that we truly experience the life that is in it. I understand now, why it is stated that the Bible is the Living Word. They are His words and His direction for our lives. Especially when our life takes a life changing course.

 I will tell you truthfully, this has not come easy for us. We have struggled with it all. We have been completely shattered and He has very tenderly put us back together.  We live with sadness, but we  have His promises to hold on to. As a Christian we are promised a heavenly home. We will see our son again, and all our loved ones who have preceded us. But, while we are waiting, may He use our story for His glory. 

Tesi Pugh

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Romans 8:28 - And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.
James 1:2-4 (NIV) - Consider it pure joy, my brothers,   whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish it's  work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything..

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         A glimpse into a mothers    
     extraordinay dream, from God.