In life we will endure many trials. Often the ones that have the most profound impact on us are those that change us forever. February 28, 2008 our 17 year-old son, Alex, was promoted suddenly, to heaven. I found hope in Romans 8:28. I believed it to be a promise from our heavenly Father, so I held Him accountable, asking Him to prove His ability to work a good through our loss. He started immediately.

What has helped us the most has been seeking and seeing God work good from our loss. I say seeking because you have to look for Him... more earnestly so when you can't see past your sufferings. God has removed the anger that had taken up residency in my heart, replacing it with hope. He revealed His goodness, restored my shattered Faith, and He has given me purpose.

It is my prayer that others will see Hope in our story. Hope is what we all seek during our trials. We simply need something to hold on to.

Be joyful in the promise that even in the hardest of times, the darkest of days, you can expect to see His goodness in ALL things. Our pain has a purifying factor in it. God will show Himself strong and demonstrate His awesome power. 

Thank you for visiting Trials and Testimonies. No matter the trial you are facing, may you feel God's love, experience His healing, and leave here with a sense of hope.