Promoted is a short video about an extraordinary dream I was given after the loss of our seventeen year old son, Alex. After a year of asking God to give Alex back and arguing that He had made a huge mistake, I was given a very sacred glimpse into our eternal inheritance. During my brief glimpse I was allowed to see Alex and feel just a measure of the pure and uninterrupted JOY that awaits those who believe in Christ.

I pray that this short segment of my dream will bring glory to God, bring healing to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, help prepare those who have not yet suffered a loss, and ultimately help those who do not have a relationship with Christ better understand that they are in need of a savior who died for their sins. This earth is not our home. It is a temporary layover. We must fix our eyes on heaven... our eternal home.

Alex was Promoted and I know when he arrived he heard, "Well done my good and faithful servant," I long to hear those words, when my promotion comes. The way in which God continues to use Alex's life, assures me that if we live our life "Well", God can use us for generations to come. It does not stop at the grave.